The Top 7 Reasons To Move To Cyprus

Over the years, Cyprus has proven to be a true gem of the Mediterranean Sea, attracting millions of people annually due to its climate, culture and other crucial benefits. In this article, we will take a brief look at some of the top reasons why Cyprus always was and will always remain at the top of the travel destination lists for various people across the world.

1. Sunshine. If you like sunshine, Cyprus has plenty of it! There is never a shortage of sun and it remains this way for 340 days every year. If you enjoy spending your time at the beach, you have found the right place. Just make sure that you bring along enough sun cream.

2. Mountains. Troodos Mountains are truly magnificent and an extremely beautiful sight throughout the year. In the summer, Troodos is an ideal location to go for a hike or a picnic. In the winter, its highest peak at 1,952m is covered with snow and you can enjoy a nice ski trip with friends or family. The best thing about it is that Troodos is only 30 minutes away from the shoreline. It is the only location in the world where you can be sipping on cocktails at the beach and skiing in a short 30 min drive.

3. Food and Drink. The traditional Cypriot food is a merge of Greek and East Mediterranean cuisine. However, nowadays you can find any kind of restaurant, 24-hour bakeries, fish taverns, Asian and even far eastern delicacies. Throughout the ages, Cyprus has also become known for producing exceptional local wines and cheese (halloumi) both of which found their ways to foreign markets.

4. Ease of Access. Cyprus is at the crossroads of 3 continents and it is well connected with all airports of Europe. In less than a few hours, you can find yourself in various capitals of the EU or the Middle East. This makes it ideal not only for travel buffs but also for business.

5. Safety. In comparison with many European countries, Cyprus has a very low crime rate. Residents of the Island can enjoy life on the island without worrying about crime and theft making it an ideal country for families with children.

6. Medical System. Hospitals and Private Clinics in Cyprus are equipped with the latest technology and work with very high standards. Surgeries like kidney transplantation and heart bypass have become routine operations. In 2019 Cyprus has also rolled out a national healthcare plan greatly reducing the cost of medical treatment for its residents.

7. Investment opportunities. Cyprus is a well-established business hub with endless investment opportunities. It provides safety and stability to the investors as well as access to the European market. The favorable tax regime of the island has also proven to be a major attraction point for those wishing to set up business on the island.

To conclude, the above merely touch the entire spectrum of benefits that Cyprus has to offer. The island continuously evolves, while creating additional benefits for its residents. If you are considering a move to Cyprus, our consultants will be happy to hear out your demands and match them with the appropriate satisfactory outcome. Contact us today.

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