About Zillien

30+ years of experience

Our expertise in EU & Cyprus is the pillar for the high quality of our services

Full exclusivity on our projects

We carefully select and proudly hold full exclusivity of our property portfolio

Highly Experienced Staff

Our staff is fully trained to ensure that you receive an unparalleled experience

Value Added Tailored Services

Our Clients receive fully tailored service before and after their purchase

Our History And Purpose

In 2019, two highly experienced property consultants joined forces and founded Zillien to define a new kind of property consulting service in Cyprus. A company with a dynamic background, which applies the latest European standards to deliver an unparalleled standard of service to its customers.

Using rigorous training, we have enabled our professional team of consultants to serve you effectively, and based on your unique needs and requirements. Combined with our extensive network of carefully selected professionals, including lawyers, bankers, designers, and marketing specialists, we deliver the highest customer service at all times and in all areas of our work. As Zillien we are committed to understanding your goals and applying our expertise to guide you towards them.

The services that our company provides do not fall under the provisions of the Law regarding the Real Estate Agents (Law 71(1)/2010), as we are not real estate agent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide every one of our clients towards a place that they may truly call their home. By applying a true property consultancy approach to our services, we aim to create long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, value, customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieving the desired results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver a new European standard of service in the Cyprus market. A standard where customer expectations are not only met but are exceeded by applying value and streamlined best practices, systems, and collaborations with top industry professionals.

Co-Founder & Property Consultant - Naso Chaili

Naso Chaili is the co-founder and acting CEO of Zillien. Having joined the industry in 2009 in a small community in Larnaca, her enthusiasm and expertise have helped her establish an island-wide network of key partners. Combined with her exceptional ability to apply her expertise, she has grown rapidly and achieved a high profile in the Cyprus market.

Throughout her professional career, she has delivered many successful strategies for a wide range of property investors and has led them towards a high return on their investment. Her active involvement in various international exhibitions worldwide has further expanded her network to a wide range of international and well-respected leaders.

Today, Naso Chaili represents sellers and landlords all across Cyprus and buyers, renters, and investors worldwide. She is committed to the philosophy of “quality over quantity” and is fully dedicated to continuous client satisfaction. Her ability to develop relationships based on trust is the foundation of Zillien. Her ability to listen and understand the exact customer needs, great attention to detail and the ability to solve complex problems are key to driving our company forward.

Christos Pissas - Property Consultant

As a property consultant, my primary mission is to understand your unique needs and guide you on a journey to find the perfect property. I’m here to offer expert advice, market insights, and a personalized experience”

Mikaela Erwtokritou - Assistant Property Consultant

As a property consultant assistant, I take pride in supporting our clients and the property consultant team in delivering exceptional service. My goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for our clients, assisting with research, paperwork, and communication. Your satisfaction is our priority, and I’m here to make your property journey as efficient and enjoyable as possible.”