Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Limassol

With chaotic yet charming streets, a blend of new and old architecture, and postcard-perfect coastal locations, Limassol is the most diverse city in Cyprus. Its geographical location and favorable business environment have made Limassol one of the top-rated destinations to invest in.

As a successful entrepreneur, you should always be one step ahead, meaning that the investments you are about to make should be time and money-weighted. Below, Zillien team shares its point of view with regard to the various real estate investment opportunities in Limassol.

Money-making potential as an Airbnb investor

Over the past few years, renting households via the Airbnb platform has emerged as a popular alternative to hotels for travelers who desire the space and comfort that only a home can provide. Companies, operating with a share-based model (platforms that permit users to gain temporary access to various assets), are one of the fastest-growing business trends in history. According to BCG Henderson Institute, an estimated $23 billion in venture capital funding has poured into the market since 2010.

According to Naso Chaili, CEO of Zillien Property Consultants, the success of an Airbnb Investor mostly depends in the city he/she decides to operate in; popularity of the destination amongst tourists, seasonality and other unforeseen influences are some of the many factors that play a key role in the asset’s profitability.

The number of tourists visiting Limassol and rent households via the Airbnb platform is increasing annually, making it one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

The success of an Airbnb Investor mostly depends in the city you decide to operate in, – Naso Chaili, CEO of Zillien Property Consultants.

Student Property Investment

Over the last decade, Cyprus has steadily established itself as a hub for higher education, growing by more than 80% in terms of the number of students studying on the island. According to insiders, the number of international students choosing the island for their studies has tripled over the last few years, transforming Cyprus into a global educational center.

Limassol is currently second only to the island’s capital, in terms of the number of universities and colleges it has.  As most universities are expanding by cooperating with local real estate developers, the student accommodation question remains unresolved. Various sources claim that buying properties in the cities where the education sector is booming – is a brilliant business idea. According to PWC Emerging Trends Europe’s Report 2020, student housing continues it’s rise-up calling it a megatrend in urbanization, which creates a high demand for affordable housing. Buy-to-let model properties like student accommodation stand out and consistently offer high returns.

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