The Top 5 Characteristics of a True Property Consultant Firm

In this article, we will look at the main characteristics that define a true property consultant. Your ability to differentiate and select the right partner for your next property search in Cyprus is paramount in ensuring that you will make a successful purchase and truly enjoy the experience of owning a property in Cyprus. 

At Zillien Property consultants, we position ourselves as your guide, and this is exactly what we aim to achieve by sharing these thoughts with you.

True property consultants will always dedicate themselves to understand your wishes and requirements fully. 

Finding the right property for you can be a lengthy and complex process. Especially if you are not a resident of Cyprus. As a buyer, you will always have unique preferences, tastes, and requirements for such a significant investment. Therefore, finding the ideal match for you is paramount in ensuring your long-term satisfaction and, of course, return on investment. 

It is not uncommon for various real estate agents to approach you and attempt to sell you a random property solely in their best interests. Such instances pose a high risk of leading to your disappointment in your purchase. This is where true property consultants come into play. A property consultant will take their time to hear you out and really understand your requirements. Only through such careful consideration and selecting the right consultant, you can be sure that your wish matches your purchase. 

At Zillien Property Consultants, we thoroughly practice customer focus as one of our company’s foundational elements. From day one, we allocate a dedicated consultant to your property search project and, through discovery sessions, take our time to understand your exact requirements. Our strong belief is that this is the only way to find you a place you will call your home truly.  

A true property consultant firm knows absolutely everything about their property portfolio. 

Just like understanding your needs, a true property consultant must also fully understand the portfolio of properties they manage and promote. Such deep understanding allows the property consultant to match these properties according to your criteria. The inability to do so will once again lead to disappointment and poor customer experience. 

A property search is not about offering you a large portfolio of properties to choose from. It is about offering the right properties. Every consultant at Zillien Property Consultants is involved in close familiarisation with every project added to our company portfolio. From day 1, they are heavily involved in the communication with the landlords, preparation of the property for the market, and photography. We ensure that our consultants are fully educated and familiar with the properties to match them to the right client through this hands-on involvement. 

Customer-focused property consultants go the extra mile to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. 

Have you ever heard of the term “true partnership”? in defining true partnership, you will commonly look at companies that go beyond the basic minimal scope of work and really dedicate themeselves to establishing a long-term relationship with their clients. The same could not but apply to the property consulting service. 

A true property consultancy firm knows the exact needs of their clients. They are not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure that the client achieves the desired results, and their service does not start and end with the mere sale of a property. 

At Zillien Property Consultants, we tackle this aspect by directly incorporating this element into our service offering. If you are an overseas client, we personally arrange a complimentary meet & greet service at the airport and ensure that your entry into Cyprus is pleasant and leaves a long-lasting impression. If you are a resident of Cyprus, we utilize our first meeting to really get to know each other before we move on to discussing any business-related matters in a comfortable and pleasant environment of your choice. In case we can deliver you the perfect property match, we go the extra mile by offering you fully complimentary relocation assistance using our own fleet of relocation vehicles and staff. It does not stop here, as following the purchase, we always upkeep our contact with you through a range of services, including property management, rental, and resale, to ensure that any of your post-purchase needs are attended to. 

A true property consultant is selective in what they recommend and who they work with to maintain a high service standard.

When it comes to practically any service, even outside of the property consulting business, consistency and quality are paramount in ensuring and maintaining a high service standard level. To ensure consistency, a business must establish thorough processes and be selective in choosing who to work with and partner to deliver their product. In property consulting, this would directly apply to the property portfolio and the company partners involved in providing additional financial, legal, construction services, to name the least. 

The inability to impose quality control standards affects the company’s internal operations and ultimately leads to poor experience from the buyer’s perspective. A true property consultant must uphold a top level of client experience and service standards at all times. 

Fortunately, selectiveness and high service standards are incorporated into the foundational principles of Zillien Property Consultants. Through a careful selection process, Zillien only takes on exclusive properties, where true value can be achieved for both the landlord and the client. In doing so, we ensure that the property portfolio that we manage adheres to a certain high level of quality, in turn, ensuring that our clients always know what to expect – a high service standard. 

A true property consultant carefully assembles their team to ensure that clients receive expert advice.

A company is nothing without its people, and people are key in executing its brand promise. The team of a property consultancy firm is at the forefront of their operations. It is the consultants who represent the face of the company and the level of service it strives to offer. Therefore, their level of experience and expertise directly impact the company’s ability to guide you towards your desired purchase. A true property consultancy firm will assemble teams based on strict criteria, thus ensuring their public image and ability to serve you as a customer. 

Zillien Property Consultants is a prime example of a company where its team members are considered the key element of our service offering. Our front line property consultants are handpicked from only the best talent and undergo rigorous training to ensure their ability to offer you only the highest level of service. 

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